Self Portrait (In progress)

A little about the Artist Alexandra Spargo

My passion for Art started as a small child. I loved drawing people and animals and would draw subjects that captured my interest. This led to my father buying me my first paint box, palette and Easel.

Drawing and painting life size cartoon characters on the walls in my bedroom led to friends wanting the same on their childrens bedroom walls. This encouraged my interest to develop skills in Life/Figure Drawing at UWA Summer School where the medium Charcoal was used.

Later I enrolled in a night course at Fremantle Prison in Drawing 101 learning techniques and preparation of light, shadow, colour, texture, complex angles, smooth curves and drawing the live model.

Drawing portraits in charcoal and pet portraits in graphite where appreciated by friends and work colleagues. This led to commissions of their pets.

My interest in oil painting led me to search the web where I enrolled in my first art class learning the basics of colour mixing. From here sparked my Interest in the rich traditions of oil painting and the desire for realism where searching for the right teacher led me to the Claremont School of Art under the guidance of Renaissance/Realist artist John Paul. Through his teachings and expertise I learned the finer techniques of colour mixing, tone, materials, glazing techniques and composition.

My curiosity in trying different mediums led to pastels (self taught) where I found that I could achieve a realistic result totally different to oils. Although the medium may be different the technique of layering is the same. I hope you enjoy looking through my pages and if there is anything you would like to know regarding my art please do not hesitate to contact me.