“My father had Jack for 16 1/2 years. I wanted to give him a Birthday present I knew he’d love and my girlfriend searched the internet for a Pet Portrait Artist and found Alex as her work was the best of the lot. I contacted Alex and sent her the picture of Jack. When I went to collect it I was amazed how much better it looks than in the photograph she sent me when it was done. I know my dad will just love this…

Thank you Alex :)”

James Reyne


“I am a huge fan of James Reyne so when I saw a poster promoting him at Friends Restaurant I saw that the personally signed painting was up for Auction with all proceeds going to the Leukemia Foundation. I was very happy to be the successful bidder for this piece of artwork that I proudly own and have up on my wall. I absolutely love it!”

Renny Gosatti



“When Alex gave me this portrait  of my beautiful little Princess Kierra I cried. I absolutely love it and have proudly put her on display for all to see and remember.

She will always be a part of me and my new family.

Thank you Alex for this lovely remembrance of my little girl.”

Shane Pavlinovich



“When Alex offered to do a painting of my beautiful little Pug Romeo I was ecstatic… She really captured his look and I just love this portrait so much. I love the way it is framed and I have it proudly displayed on my wall at home.

This is something I will always treasure…

Thank you Aunty x”




I managed to get your Portrait of Duke framed and hidden without David or the kids finding it. We have it hanging on the wall in the hallway and it’s the first thing you see when you enter. So many people comment on your painting and say that it looks so lifelike that they think it’s a photo! 

You’ve really captured everything about Duke… David absolutely loves it… And so does Duke!!!”

Terena Solomon



“Because Peter will actually be on the boat for his 60th I was undecided as to what to do about the Jo portrait so ended up giving it to him before we left home. His reaction was amazing. He was absolutely blown away and was very choked up with emotion. I have never seen him react to anything quite like that. It apparently brought back heaps of emotions for him as Joe was the one who was there for him through a very painful marriage breakup. That plus the fact that he was an outstanding dog.”



“I just love the Graphite drawing you did of my beloved Rottweiler Sherman. You have captured him perfectly and brings tears to my eyes in remembrance of what a great dog and companion he was. Thank you for a wonderful portrait.”

Dean Cox


“I saw the genesis of Alex’s talent when she took an interest in sketching at work (instead of working). I was very impressed with her natural ability. She did a pencil sketch of my late dog Zac, and captured his likeness beautifully; so much so that it brought my mother to tears when she saw it. I need to get a matching sketch of my new dog, Occy.”

David Filmann

Robbie Williams

“Alex and I were discussing her exhibition and she told me that she wanted to do a number of black & white paintings. I had a number of ideas but the one that immediately sprung to mind was the picture of Robbie Williams. I knew that it would look fantastic on a large canvas and commissioned Alex to paint it for me. It exceeded my expectations and I was blown away when I saw it for the first time. She has captured the life in the image perfectly.”

David Filmann